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Screening machines



Screening machines are applied for sorting material into required fractions. Screening machines are mostly performed as a part of processing plants for sand, gravel and other non-metalic materials extraction. Thechnical characteristics of the screening machines vary according to the given tasks. 

Construction types:

  • Screening machines with circular vibration
  • Screening machineswith linear vibration

Construction dimension:

  • 1-3 decks (layers)
  • rated length: up to 8 m
  • rated width: up to 2,4 m


  • System of replacable polyurethane screens
  • Cros and extensional strain 
  • Finger-screens
  • Non-standard screens

Special design:

  • Control board for direct drive or transmission gear   
  • Screens according to the requirements and service conditions
  • Washing system with sprinklers

Replacement of old and defected screening machines within a processing plant:

  • Our technical specialist takes necessary measuring on-site, then the exact screening machines are designed and produced, which enables to change the old and defected screening machines without changing the rest parts of the plant such as tubes, trays, loading system.