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Port mobile plant for cement transfer from vessel into cement truck

Port mobile plant is a machine on wheels, developed for taking the cement unloaded from vessel with the help of pneumatic system and loading it into cement trucks. This machine is suitable for installation in small and middle ports.

The mobile terminal consists of one cube-shaped silos and screw system for material supply. Electric controlling panel which allows to automatically control cament loading and unloading phases, hydraulic system for plant stabilization during its operating and dust-depressing system.



  • Dimension: 5.000 mm x 5.000 mm x h = 9.500 mm;
  • Weight: 45 t;
  • Сapacity: 170 m3;
  • Loading points: 2;
  • Сement trucks loading capacity: 2 x 150 t/h = 300 t/h;
  • Filtration area90 m2;
  • Electromechanical controlling panel on a plant's frame: line supply (380 V three-phase);
  • Installed electric capacity: 140 kWt