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Ship unloading conveyors for bulk materials

The ship unloading conveyors system comprises an equipment made of a mobile hopper on wheels and mobile conveyor belts. The hopper collects the bulk material from the mobile shaft of the self-unloading ship, and it is provided with a mobile covering system in order to avoid dust leakage. The material from the hopper goes down towards a first belt - extractor belt - located under the hopper, which regulates the extraction speed of the bulk material and puts the same on a second belt with double inclination - conveyor belt. Finally, a radial belt unloads the material coming from the conveyor and moves it into the storage area.

On request, crosswise to the conveyor belt, it is possible to locate a deferrization system, made of an electromagentic separator band, which aims to catch metal eventually present in the material and collect it in a special tank. The system can be also equipped, on a specific request of the customer, with a coninuous weighing system for the capacity check.

  • Capacity: up to 1000 ton/h;
  • Loading hopper: 50 m3, avaliable on four sides, equipped with anti-dust covering;
  • Unloading: by the manoeuvrable and revolving belt which allows to spread the material on the wide areas;
  • Transportable materials: the plant can be adjusted for any materials (cement, corn, dust, other granular materials);
  • Mobility: equipped with wheels;
  • Control: from the cabin;
  • Supply: electric network (380 V three-phase);
  • Deferrization system: electromagnetic separator for ferromagnetic materials removal can be installed

Our technicians are ready to collaborate with the customer to find the best solution for the customer's requirements, concerning the following:

- characteristics of material to convey;
- structure type, accessories, capacity, etc;
- definition of characteristics and calculation of structures;
- any other specifications.