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Concrete recycling system Euro-Eco

EUROECO system treats the residual concrete that is inside the truck-mixer at the end of the working cycle. This diluted concrete, through the recycling screw, is split into aggregates and water containing cement and particles of slime in suspension. Washed aggregates can be used again in the productive cycle and at the same time water flows down into special bins, where particular agitators hold the solid material in suspension. Water is used, by suitable submerged pumps, both in the cycle of production and to wash truck mixers.


Technical features and advantages

- Aggregates recovery (particle size larger than 0,2 mm) up to the 1% of the daily production
- Saving of about 70% of clean water
- The recycled water, with mud and cement particles in suspension, improves concrete quality
- Cleanliness of the plant
- Respect for the environment
- Flow rate: 20 m3/h of diluted concrete
- All parts are galvanized
- Several configurations (linear/orthogonal)
- Discharging of 1 or 2 vehicles
- Wear-resistant coating of the part that is subject to high use


Technical features                                        Volume n° 1 truck mixer n° 2 truck mixers
   Recycling screw Ø 700 mm
m3/h (*)


   Expansion hopper 1 1
   Storage bin for recycled water m3 50 100
   Agitator 1 2
   Inspection catwalk 1 2
   Jaw for truck mixer washing 1 2

   Submerged pump for truck mixer washing  (40 m3/h)

1 2

   Submerged pump for water batching to the loading point (40 m3/h)

1 1

   Submerged pump for feeding of recycling screw hopper (18 m3/h)

1 1

   Float switch/maximum and minimum level indicator

1 1
   Electric control panel 1 1
   Electromagnetic flow-meter 1 1
   Operating voltage V 400 400
   Operating frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
   Installed electrical power HP/kW 34/25 48/35

*diluted concrete