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Silos and cement terminals

Silos, designed and produced by the Italian company Euromecc s.r.l., are suitable for bulk materials storage (cement, aggregates, fly ashes) and have several construction advantages, that allow to produce the equipment of excellent quality, providing easy installation and observing ecological regulations.  

Special attention is paid to surface treatment, which includes either standard painting procedure or covering for corrosive medium, if requested. 

The construction is suitable for seismic zone type 2. Silos are equipped with accessories (filters, pressure valve, level sensors e.t.c) from leading manufacturers.



Designed in order to guarantee the assembly in the site. The watertight, ensured by the body unity, is the main characteristic of this kind of silos. Easy to be transported, on standard articulated lorries, monolithic silos satisfy the demands of each kin
Divisible silo consists of a discharge cone, a roof and a cylindrical band built with longitudinally flanged elements. The number and the dimensions of the vertical elements changes according to the silos model. Divisible silos are bolted on the externa