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Garden furniture

We offer the following items of garden furniture:

- Litter-bins, garbage containers

- Vases

- Benches

- Street lanterns

Litter, garbage containers

Unique forms for concrete parts of bins, containers and vases include all-welded metal reinforcing frame, which provides increased durability of concrete elements of the product during its operation. As a result of a special treatment deep relief of marble chips is formed on the surface of the product, that shows its natural color and shape. Wooden elements are made of oak and beech.

Cleaning of garbage containers is carried out through a removable side panel. Laser perforation or full-color printing can be used to make the original appearance of a litter-bin.




The design of vases is similar to the design of litter-bins. Concrete elements are produced of white cement with the addition of natural marble chips. Wooden elements are made of selected beech wood grown in the mountainous regions of Krasnodar region, Russia. To protect the wood from the environment the protective impregnation and subsequent multilayer varnish coating is used. That preserves the natural beauty and diversity of color and texture of wood.



Russian natural materials and modern production technologies of metal and wood are used for the manufacture of benches. All metal parts of the product are protected from environmental influences with powder coating on polyester basis. The wood protection glossy varnish preserves the natural beauty and diversity of color. Comfortable seating is a result of specially selected surfaces and form the optimal interface angle of the seat and backrest.

Benches’ feet are constructed of concrete, metal or wood.

A wide range of benches models combined with different variants of colors allows you to make any design decisions for your garden.








Street lanterns

At the heart of its design is the most progressive nowadays illuminator scheme reflector. This method allows to remove the direct dazzling light and have a soft and diffused one, the most comfortable to human vision. The elements of design realized as the union of the "classical" and "techno" styles that gives the product a refined and original look.