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Enrichment plants for sand and gravel


We develop individual and economocally profitable projects working in a close contact with our client and realize effective and high-powered industrial equipment in the field of sand and gravel enrichment.

We are ready to provide the following cervices:

- developing, project, production of enrichment plants for sand and gravel

- reconstruction and modernization of existing equipment 

- production and delivery of separate components:  shakers, dewatering wheels, crushers, conveyers etc.

- client consulting 


Обогатительные установки разрабатываются исходя из поставленных задач и могут включать в себя такие компоненты как земснаряды, черпальные колеса, грохоты, дробилки, корытные мойки, различные виды конвейеров.
Screening machines are applied for sorting material to required fractions.
Dewatering bucket wheels are used for sand extracting and enrichment.