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Monolithic siloses

  • Monolithic siloses Ø 2 400 mm
    Siloses of this series are easy to transport on standard semitrailers and suitable for small plants and temporary building sites. Suitable for small and medium storage volumes.
  • Monolithic siloses Ø 3 000 mm
    This series of siloses is transported as unaccompanied cargo. Suitable for large and middle storage volume.

Designed in order to guarantee the assembly in the site. The watertight, ensured by the body unity, is the main characteristic of this kind of silos. Easy to be transported, on standard articulated lorries, monolithic silos satisfy the demands of each kind of plant for concrete production which require both little and big cement storage. To silos completion, a wide range of accessories is supplied (safety valves, foot irons for top entrance completed with intermediate lay-by according to the rules in force, top perimeter parapets, connection gangway, level gauges, continuous level gauges, KCS systems, filters, screws, etc.), calculation reports, etc.


Main characteristics of monolithic siloses: 


Ø mm

cu. m


hight (H)

2 400

33 - 52

43 - 70

10 140 – 14 140

3 000

68 - 90

90 - 120

13 550 – 16 550