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Concrete plants modernization

 «Bausfera-Rus» ltd. is ready to suggest modernization of concrete plants to our clients. It can be complex modernization or replacement of separate parts and blocks of the concrete plant.

Modernization can include the following renovations: 

 - replacement  of dosaging and weighing equipment,
 - replacement  of mixers,
 - replacement  of bunkers and conveyers,
 - implantation of  automatic system of addressed concrete supply,
 - application of modern filter systems, moisture sensors, pneumatic equipment
 - installation of automatic control system.


Modernization of production  and applying of new automatic equipment allows to considerably increase the quality of products and reduce expenses for maintenance and production,  power inputs and man power.

Our sprcialists help to find solution in choosing of modernization technology, considering long-term experience and innovations in the field of concrete equipment.